Which size of Domino’s Pizza is the best value

Dominos is recognized as a world leader Pizza delivery and operator network, the demand, and love for domino’s pizzas are limitless. Dominos has a wide range of variety of pizzas and also many choices in its size. Most of the people get confused in one thing which is What size of Domino’s Pizza is the best value? In this piece of blog, you will see what are different sizes available in Domino’s pizzas and comparison between them.

Different types of pizza available

People get different option while choosing pizza and one cannot deny  it is one of the difficult tasks to choose between them, so to ease the task you can go forward


  1. Vegetarian pizzas

Veg Dominos Pizza



Farmhouse, cheesy paneer, peppy paneer, Margherita pizzas, paneer makhani, deluxe veggies, cheese & tomato, etc. are some of the trending and favoured pizza types that are favourites among the foodies. The cheese burst pizza is also a very popular pizza type.


  1. Non-Vegetarian pizzas


non veg pizza


The pepper barbecue chicken, chicken dominator, chicken tikka, chicken golden delight, Non-veg supreme, etc. are some of the most popular non-veg pizza types. 

Different Crusts and toppings

Dominos also provide options for different pizza crust and toppings where people can choose according to it. Options available are:

Crusts: Thin-Crusts pizza, Thick crust pizza, Cheese burst pizza, and pan pizza.  

Toppings: Pepperoni. Mushrooms. Onions. Sausage. Bacon. Extra cheese. Black olives. Green peppers.

Different sizes

 1.Small Pizza

 Pizza diameter of small pizza 10”, Pizza surface area is 78.5sq.in,  Topping diameter is 9” and the crust surface area is 14.9sq.in. Small pizza can be considered perfect for one person. It is a pocket-friendly pizza that is available at great and different options.

2.Medium Pizza

The diameter of a Dominos medium pizza size is 12”, Pizza surface area is 113.1sq.in,  Topping diameter is 11” and the crust surface area is 18.1sq.in. .Medium pizza can be good for food lovers who love to eat. It serves 2-3 people. You can go for a medium pizza when you are hanging out with your friends. There was a study conducted to find out if buying two Dominos medium pizza sizes is better than buying Larga Pizza size? Guess what, it turns out to be buying Large pizza than two medium-size Domino’s pizzas are better.

3.Large Pizza

The pizza diameter of a Large pizza 14”, Pizza surface area is 153.9sq.in,  Topping diameter is 13” and the crust surface area is 21.2sq.in. It can serve 4-6 people. It is available in different options and extra toppings can be added. Perfect for parties and big events.

No. Of slices available

slice of pizza


  • 4 Slices each
  1. Regular Hand-tossed
  2. Regular cheese burst
  3. Regular Pan
  • 6 Slices each 
  1. Medium Hand-tossed
  2. Medium pan
  3. Medium cheese burst

  •  Slices each
  1. Large pizza

In this blog, you can see so many different things about pizzas from Domino’s but when it comes to What size is the best value? It is very difficult to choose from, some people like to eat small pizzas and thus choose a vegetarian or non-vegetarian small pizza of 10 inches and get their best meal but some people like it bigger and better so they choose a big one, and the matter of fact is you can never judge what is the best in terms of size as some people see how much they want to eat and when can’t decide they get a medium one which could be a good choice.

Decide the right pizza size with a Pizza size chart:

It’s not easy to decide what size pizza is most popular without a pizza size chart, however, most pizzas are medium-sized, measuring 14-16 inches. What’s the difference between a large and an extra-large pizza? Extra-large pizzas usually range from between 16 and 18 inches, whereas an extra-large pizza typically measures 14-16 inches. We have created a customer Pizza size chart for your reference, please check below pizza size chart for your reference:

Pizza siza chart

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many inches is a medium pizza?

Medium size pizza is 12 inches in general and will give you about 12 sizes.

How big is a small Domino’s pizza?

Domino’s pizza sizes make it simple to personalize your pizza with a variety of options. The smallest pizza Domino’s offer is 10-inches and is suitable for 1-3 people. You can also choose a bigger pizza and split the toppings in order for everyone can eat happily. If you’re serving many people, a few large pizzas are the best choice.

How Many Slices Are in a Medium (12-Inch) Pizza?

Medium pizzas run 12 inches in diameter and will give you about eight slices.

What is the size of a regular pan pizza, a regular pizza, slices, and serving?

Before pizza chains decided to shrink their pizzas, they used to offer two sizes: a big, round one that was 16 inches wide and a slightly smaller one at 14 inches. Back then, they didn’t have small or personal-sized pizzas. If you didn’t want a whole pizza, you’d grab a slice. They cut a slice from the larger pizza, which was usually one-eighth of the entire pie. First, they’d slice the pizza in half, then each half into quarters, resulting in four quarters. Each quarter was then halved, creating a total of 8 slices.

Let’s dive into the math part. To find the area of a circle, you use this formula: Area = π * r². Pi (π) is approximately 3.14, and the radius (r) is half of the diameter. The diameter of a 16-inch pizza is 16 inches, so the radius, which is half of that, equals 8 inches

Using the formula, Area = π (3.14) * 8 * 8 (since 8 squared equals 64) = π * 64 = 201.1 square inches (rounded). Therefore, one slice equals about 1/8 of 201, which is approximately 25 square inches (rounded).

Chicago-style deep-dish pizzas come in 11-inch and 14-inch rounds, while Detroit-style deep-dish pizzas are in 10 x 14 inches and 8 x 10 inches oblong shapes. Calculating serving sizes can be done using these measurements.

A typical serving size is generally considered to be 2 slices of a 16-inch pie. Interestingly, my wife Barbara, who often ranged between a size 2 and a size zero, would occasionally devour half a pizza, particularly on her “hungry days,” especially if it was topped with bacon. Occasionally, I had to order two large pizzas because she insisted on having leftover pizza for breakfast. Seriously, I’m 5′9′′ and weighed 139 lbs. I used to run 8 miles daily and could easily consume about 6 slices on occasion.

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