How To Wear Cufflinks Like A Gentleman


Who does not want a well-dressed, polished and sophisticated look, there’s nothing good as trendy and attractive as a pair of cufflinks. It can be termed as a great choice while wearing formal or attending any business work. Cufflinks are just not restricted to keep your cuffs neat but can do a lot more as they can add more look to your personality and clothes.  Choosing the right cuffs can be a difficult task for everyone, so this piece of writing will solve this problem and you can get a formal and attractive look.


What do you mean by Cufflinks?


There are varieties of formal jewelry that can be worn by the men and cufflinks is one of its types. It helps to secure or lock the sides of shirt cuffs and also offers an attractive look to the formal shirt. Cufflinks should be confused by studs as studs are used for decoration, buttonholes of a tuxedo shirt, and securing purposes Varieties of designs are available in the market.

Different ways of wearing cufflinks.


Black Tie outfit:


Silver and classic cufflinks can be perfect when you are wearing a black-tie or a tuxedo. Silver belt buckle and silver watches are must when you are wearing silver cufflinks. This will help to add polish and attractiveness to your attire.

White Tie outfit:


The white tie can be termed as more formal than black tie which can be worn on special events. A highly formal and elegant pair of cufflinks like the mother of pearl cufflinks can be the perfect choice for your tuxedo. 

White shirt :


If you are wearing a white shirt, you can go for any shade of cufflinks. You can try different colors, types, and patterns to come up with a unique style. Just an important note If you are not sure about any formal style then go with silver cufflinks.


Patterned shirt:


Secondary colors can go with a patterned shirt. The color you choose of accessories and cufflinks should be the dominant color that actually goes with your outfit and looks great together. 

Blue Shirt:


Try to pair your blue shirt with the contrasting color of cufflinks which helps you to have a perfect outfit. For example, you can go for dark blue cufflinks with a light blue shirt and vice versa.




Men’s always have to be in a fair side and cufflinks play a vital role when we describe it as a Gentlemen’s choice, in this blog tells everything about cufflinks and what are a variety of different ways of wearing cufflinks, you can know about Black tie outfit, White tie outfit or a blue tie. So if you ever plan to wear Beautiful Jewellery on your suit, then this blog is what you need.