Famous Samosas In India

Samosa is the most famous Indian snack which is also one of the best street foods. A punjabi dish famous all around is available in a variety of flavours. Samosa is served with two types of chutneys, sweet and chilli chutney.

Chole samosa chaat is a famous dish in Delhi, as both chole and samosa are favorite food items, a mixture of both was made and is now one of the most wanted chaat dishes. First chole is prepared with ginger garlic paste and some spices and green chillies. Then samosa is broken into pieces and the chole is added on it and is garnished with onion, coriander, chutney and crisp shev.

  • Keema samosa: 

Keema samosa a perfect snack for a non-veg lover and a samosa fan. This samosa is made with fried chopped mutton stirred with spices. This batter is then added on an all purpose flour half roasted roti to make a triangle shape. And then it is deep fried and served with green chilli chutney and tomato sauce. 

  • Corn samosa:

corn samosas are famous around in Irani cafes and unlike the common samosa filled with potato and peas, these samosas are filled with corn, poha and some spices. These are crispy samosas enjoyed as snacks with tea and as kids like corn more, these samosas are the option for them and are easy to make as well. The same process like regular samosa but here we add boiled or steamed corn in the blended form with the poha and add spices and coriander for taste. And you can serve this with tomato sauce or chutney.

  • Cheese samosa:

Do you like cheese and you are a fan of samosa and want to try a different kind of samosa. Then cheese samosa is the dish you are looking for. A cheesy crispy samosa with chili chutney is the perfect evening snack you could ask for. Cheese samosa is easy to make and takes hardly 10 minutes. Use all purpose flour dough as usual and add cheese mixed with chilli powder and oregano and salt to it, make a triangle shape and fry it. Serve it with mayonnaise or chutney.

  • Chinese samosa: 

This is a combination of cuisine from china and India. Noodles are stuffed inside the samosa and hence are called as chinese samosa. Juicy veggies along with soya sauce and vinegar add a chinese flavour to the desi samosa. These crispy samosas can be served as starters or as evening snacks.

  • Paneer samosa: 

Paneer is a favourite Indian cheese available in most of the households in India. For a paneer samosa, paneer is chopped into fine pieces and is fried with some spices and is stuffed in half roasted roti of all-purpose flour and deep fried. It hardly takes 10-15 minutes for this recipe and is easy to make for guests or for evening tea snacks.