Should I Get A Smartwatch Or A Fitness Tracker


Everything has its own pros and cons and obviously, it also has. Smartwatches and Fitness trackers have gained a lot of demand in these years, as technology takes boom day by day these essentials are getting much better and advanced. Smartwatches and Fitness trackers both can be synced with your mobile device via downloading applications onto the phone, Fitness trackers are more specific in use rather than a smartwatch. In this blog, you will learn about what are both of these Fitness trackers and Smartwatches and which one you should get for yourself.



It does a lot more than just telling time. A smartwatch mainly uses for viewing and responding to emails, calls, texts, or any other social networking notifications. It is also used as an accessory (wristwatch). It has the ability to connect and sync with your phone which in result makes this watch a smart device. Smartwatch also offers you fitness track options like tracking heartbeat, footsteps or drink of water but not much reliable as Fitness tracking watch. Examples: Samsung galaxy watch, apple watch, etc.


  • What do you mean by a Fitness Tracker? 


It is also a wearable device but not only a wrist accessory but is also available as necklaces to clip-on accessories. It mainly focuses on health and keeps an active track on your footsteps, calories burned, heart rate and much more. Fitness freaks should go for the best fitness tracker device as a variety of are available in the market. some of the examples are Huawei Band, Fitbit, etc

NOTE: You should know about all these questions before actually buying them.Firstly for what purpose you are buying? Secondly,  what is your budget? Thirdly which brand do you prefer? 


  • Why should you buy a smartwatch?


If you want to link your phone with your watch and stay updated about your calls, texts, calendars, etc. without compromising the comfort and style you can definitely go and buy a smartwatch. It offers many facilities to users like answering or rejecting calls, replying to texts and much more. Most importantly as there is growth in technology smartwatches also provide basic services for fitness tracking but not much reliable as a fitness tracker.

Battery life is generally less in smartwatches so you need to charge it regularly.

  • Why should you buy a fitness tracker?


You want to track your day-to-day activities, heartbeats, steps or tracking the distance, calories burned or sleep then you should buy a fitness tracker. Some advanced devices also track particular types of exercise or multi-sport tracking. With the advancement in technology, basic calls or texts can be seen in the tracking device. Some devices also offer an inbuilt GPS system that helps it to work independently and there is no need to carry your cell phone. Out of all pros, it is costly and a little restrictive when we go for music playbacks or wearable aspects. 




Smartwatches have been a good market stand for a long time but when people tried to use them for fitness, they came to be less reliable and so Fitness trackers were introduced to avoid such problems. So if you are planning to use a watch that can do all your multitasking works like calls, messages on one go you can opt for a Smartwatch, but if you want something which can just help you out in fitness you can use  Fitness trackers(Fitness bands) as they are much reliable and made for this job. This blog has complete information about what you need to know about both of them.