How To Download Movies Using uTorrent

Downloading torrent files is an easy process now, and uTorrent is one of the most used torrent clients, which helps in downloading in any format file. You can download movies using uTorrent, and for that, you have to use VPN to hide your IP address. Because sometimes you don’t know whether you are downloading a pirated file or not. It is recommended to be safe while torrenting, your data is accessible by the internet service provider and they can share it with any third party. To avoid this it is suggested to use VPN to encrypt your internet connection and change your IP address. 


  • To download movies using uTorrent, first install the uTorrent application from the uTorrent official website


  • Once the software is downloaded and installed, you start torrenting and downloading movies. Now find relevant torrent websites, like The Pirate Bay. Once you open pirate bay, go to the search window and click on movies. Search for movies you want, and pirate bay will provide a list and select the ones in the top of list, as it will download fast and has more seeders than leechers.


  • Select the torrent file, then click on ‘get this torrent’ or double click on the file and it will open in a new window and click download. 


  • To see the file in uTorrent, double click on the torrent file or you can directly open uTorrent and go to files. 


  • You will be asked where to save the file according to the setting of the uTorrent, otherwise it will download and save the file in the default location. Now the uTorrent will download the file by connecting to seeders. 

Apart from The pirate bay, there are many websites for torrent but most of them are banned by the government, hence downloading using VPN is highly recommended.