Famous Streets In Paris


For a long time, Paris has been a great tourist place and turned to be the most lovely and beautiful place. For a long time, Paris had got huge charms of beautiful places which got the most attraction for most of the romantic people, the rivers, the sunshine on the streets makes Paris a beautiful place. In this piece of blog, you will find the top 5  “Famous streets of Paris which you can give a  shot for your beautiful and romantic visit and tour. 


1.Rue Montorgueil


It is one of the best and attractive streets because of its location and reputation. It has the oldest cafes, pastry shops, and much more which are quite the best place to hang out and the first choice of tourists. It also offers a great environment on weekends as many singers, musicians and dancer often gathers and perform or show their skills

2.Rue Vieille du Temple

People who have an interest in history can definitely visit this street. It is a classical and beautiful street which is famous for shopping and also located near a metro station which is quite convenient for the visitors.


3.Rue Chanoinesse


It is one of the oldest roads and many mysteries, stories and myths are about this street. Pros of this street are best and wonderful cafes, beautiful graveyards from regenerated gravestones and many more. You should not forget to visit the place where Heloise and Abelard 12th century romance has taken place.

4.Square de Montsouris


You want to look at the prettiest thing then you should visit this street. 

It is one of the closest streets with picturesque parks in Paris. It is the best place to hang out and it also offers great peace. Most of the tourist spots are near this square.


5.Rue Cremieux street         


Paris is full of beautiful streets and this street comes under that.  You will find varieties of cute things here like cobbled roads, etc and people’s gestures are so good that you will love to talk with them. You can see the Pink house on one end street whereas Place Dalida at another end of the street.




From Rue Cremieux street to Rue Cremieux Street Paris is filled with beauty for tourists, if you are planning for Paris then do not miss these beautiful streets, you go shopping, you see historic things, pink buildings and many more, Paris has surprised many people with beauty and also their culture, the way people speak and represent their love in their speech soo consider reading this blog before getting out for a trip.