All You Need To Know About Airbnb India (2020)


Airbnb is an online marketplace where it connects people who want to rent out their homes for tourists and travelers. Solo traveling is a famous trend now, and mostly solo travelers are millennials  who won’t be able to afford the expensive hotel bills. For them Airbnb is a perfect option as it provides lodging at an affordable rate as well as you get a homestay. Airbnb in India has seen a massive success since its launch. One of the reasons it is a success is that it has involved the local market and state-run tourism initiatives. Airbnb India has also signed a MoU with a national skill development system, where entrepreneurs from remote areas will serve as hosts. 

How does it work: 

It is completely online, it works as a broker between the host and the guest. A commission of 3% is collected from the host renting their homes, apartments etc and 6 and 12% commission is taken from the guest.  It connects hosts wanting to rent out rooms to guests looking for rooms at a cheaper price. It has a variety of filters that helps the guest to choose and also a chat system where the host can directly talk to the guest. Secured payment options are available on the website. The hosts registers with Airbnb website and uploads certain specifications like number of rooms, size, area, and pictures of room. 

How to book:

Guests have to go on the official Airbnb website.  

There are various listings available and you can choose accordingly. For example country, date and number of people. For searching through the listing first you have to sign up with Airbnb and provide information for verification like ID. After selecting from the listing you can either do Instant booking or request a booking according to your preference.

Alternative for Airbnb

  • Flipkey:

Flipkey is tied up with tripadvisor which is a largest travel site and millions of people use it

  • Homestays:

One of the largest hotel booking app has launched an option for Homestay which provides a list of rental rooms and homestays.

  • Sailo:

You can rent boats on this website. 

  • Make my trip:

Most popular site in India, mainly used for booking hotel

  • OYO Room:

Provides rooms at a reasonable price 

  • Vrbo (Vacation rentals by owner):

Provides vacation properties and is suitable for families and groups of more than four people, but it does not provide a homestay.

  • Homestay:

Is like Airbnb, which provides rooms rented by the hosts, so you can experience the local lifestyle.

  • Outdoorsy:

If you are a wanderer and a solo traveller who likes camping, a camper van or RV would be best for you. Outdoorsy ( – Provides a variety of affordable and stylish apartments for rent in Fairfield, CA and in different cities!)  do the exact thing, they are a rental agency and you get a rented RV or camper van from the owner. It is like Airbnb for RV.