Goa Packing Checklist For Travellers


Goa is the state of the southwestern coast of India within the region called Konkan. Goa has been the most attractive place for vacations and holidays, mostly teenagers find it a good place to spend time with friends and have fun. But apart from that when you plan a trip to GOA you need some essentials checklist with you so you don’t forget what things you need for your Travel. In this blog, you will see a Packing checklist for Travellers so you don’t miss something you need


Goa is all about beaches and footwear plays an important role. You need perfect and right footwear which helps you to walk on the beaches. Crocs and floaters are the best choices when you are going to a beachside. NOTE: Carry one formal shoe also so that you get no hindrances while entering any clubs or late night parties.


Goa is mainly famous for beaches and the laid – back lifestyle and swimwear is one of the most important and necessary items that should be packed while traveling to goa. Go for a trendy and bright color of swimwear which helps you to look attractive and comfortable.



You cannot deny if you are going to GOA then most of the time will be spent on beaches which means your skin is totally exposable to the sun. As a result, it is very important for everyone who is traveling to goa should carry Sunscreen. It will protect your skin from tanning and sunburn.

4.Hats or Caps

You want to protect your skin from the sun in a stylish way then you should wear a hat or cap which will also protect you and give an attractive look. These hats or caps will act as a shield to your face and neck against sunburn. Trendy and stylish hats or caps will act as a pearl on the dress.

5.Lip balm and moisturizer

Salty water can adversely affect your skin and especially lips which is the delicate part of the body. Therefore carrying lip balms and moisturizers can be a great idea for your skin protection. It can also make your skin feel fresh and lips attractive.

6.First aid kit

Life is all about uncertainties, you should be prepared for everything and carrying first aid is one of the most important and essential things while venturing to any adventures. It should have basic medicines for headaches, coughs, stomach ache, vomiting, and OTC hangover pills as you are traveling GOA.


7.Some basic things

You should have backpacks for carrying items like power banks, mobile phones, sanitizer, wet wipes, clothes, camera or your essential items.


Whenever you plan for a GOA trip you always need some essentials with you , maybe you go on to the beach and you need sunscreen , or you may need different footwears as you continue Trip, and most importantly you may need a first aid kit and some moisturizer too. In this blog all of these packing requirements Checklist is mentioned so you won’t forget some important things while traveling.