How to Choose a Canadian Tuxedo?


If you have not worn a Canadian Tuxedo in the past, it is likely that you will be wearing one for the very first time this summer.

As fashion goes, Tuxedos go out of style so quickly that they are never really considered to be timeless.

Nevertheless, they do offer some of the most unique features of any garment you can wear for any occasion.

The first of these features is that the color is really important – and this basic term is quite sufficient for giving anyone a better idea of what to expect. In fact, some colors just do not look right on white or black tuxedos, while others can look more appropriate on their own.

For example, you can have either a black or a two-tone color combination that will blend in well with the color scheme of the other elements in your outfit. There are always exceptions to any rule, but when you consider the type of colors used, they are usually much less troublesome than the ones where a black background with a lighter shade of green highlights is the correct colour combination.


There are many other ways to add interest to a tuxedo and add variety to your outfit. You can complement it with socks, suspenders, a belt and shoes.

Canadian Tuxedos will never need to be completed with the one piece of clothing that you will want to wear on any given day. They are perfectly good for outfits that consist of three or four outfits. While the dress code for a business meeting may not involve much party wear, for a wedding or a formal luncheon event the various items you would wear with your tuxedo can have more of an impact.

Many of the people who work in companies wear the same pair of socks, belt and personal shoes on each occasion that they attend. This combination is perfect because it provides the comfort and the look that is so important to any business outfit.

If you are dressing for a special event where colour combination is important, for example, for a black-and-white wedding, there is probably a lot of difference between the colour of the bride’s dress. However, for a reception, there is no need to be overly concerned about the colour of the tuxedo – there are so many interesting options that you will probably get a whole range of different looks from each tuxedo.

Black is the traditional color for tuxedos, but it is still a good idea to choose a design that will stand out with the other elements in your outfit. The choice of colour is therefore irrelevant when choosing the right tuxedo.


You may even find that you enjoy wearing the colour black, but if you are to choose a style that will contrast with the colour of your dress, you may want to choose a tuxedo in a black-and-white color combination. If this does not look at all at home in your wedding or reception outfit, you can even take a little more care with your choice.

Generally, the classic black colour will be a perfect wardrobe item that can work well with almost any colour combination, but not so well with dark blue. For a black-and-white wedding, you should probably avoid the traditional suit and white shirt combination and go for a light tuxedo jacket with white pants and tie instead.

Black is always a popular colour combination, but if you want to experiment a little, you can mix and match colours from time to time. This can help you discover the tuxedo that best suits your requirements.


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