7 Healthy Foods that helps you keep your Eyes Healthy

“We are what we eat” -Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

We all might have come across the above phrase multiple times but have you ever indulged it in real life?

Eyes are the most sensitive part in a human body and we should always take good care of our eyes. A healthy lifestyle and healthy food go hand in hand when it comes to taking care of our eyes or any other body part of us. Foods that are good for eyes have minerals and nutrients such as Beta Carotene, Vitamin, Vitamin C, Zinc, Omega-3 fatty acids and copper.


7 Healthy Foods that are good for eyes 

A healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet should be considered as a part of a healthy living while saying No to Junks and other unhealthy foods that add no value to our body rather worsens the case. 
But, having a cheat day once in a month or two is not a bad idea at all but avoid making it a habit. 
There are so many foods that are good for our eyes which are healthy and tasty at the same time. 
Listing down foods that are beneficial for your eyes so you would enjoy eating them. 
Here are the 7 healthy foods that help you keep your eyes healthy:  

1. Fish 


fish for eyes | Getallanswer

We all have heard our moms telling us the benefits of fish and how it is so rich in nutrients. Fishes are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and helps to prevent weak and dry Eye sights. 
The fat that is present in fish is healthy. Salmon fish is high in omega-3 acids. 
Other Fishes that are high in Omega-3 fatty acids are Tuna, Trout, sardines, anchovies and 
Fishes taste heavenly when it’s cooked with great skills by adding oregano’s in it.  

2. Green leafy veggies:


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If you’re a vegan and fish is something that you can’t eat then Eat your greens. 

Green vegetables are popular in providing vitamin C and minerals. Green vegetables are alsogood source of lutein and zeaxanthin.Spinach, Kale and collards are the popular foods that can be consumed for the good health of eyes.

3. Citrus Fruits


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Fruits are the food that helps you resolve many health conditions if you be consistent and try to make it a habit. Fruits good for eyes are the one with citric acid in it. Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin E and vitamin C. Fruits that are good for healthy eyes are Oranges, Lemons, sweet lime and Grapes.

4. Carrots


carrots for healthy eyes

Carrots are very popular for its healthy properties. As it is rich in Vitamin A and Beta carotene that help our eyes away from any infection.

Carrots can be eaten as a quick snack. You could be craving for some snacks so you grab a carrot and quickly eat something fresh and healthy.

5. Nuts


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You can pick any nut that you love and it would turn out healthy for your eyes. Nuts are rich in nutrients, protein, minerals and Omega-3 fatty acid.

Nuts are found in every household and are also used in many desi recipes as Indians love adding value to every dish they cook.

Nuts that are known for keeping our eyes healthy are Almonds, walnuts, Cashews, Peanuts.

Roasted nuts are also great for late-night munching when you feel like grabbing oily chips, you must try some nuts instead.

6. Eggs


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Eggs are great for non-vegans as it has so many nutrients like lutein, protein and zeaxanthin that lowers the risk of age-related eyesight loss.

Eggs are considered as a healthy breakfast or brunch one could have.

Eggs are also rich in Vitamin E, Vitamin C and zinc that lowers the risk of eye infections and cures any disease naturally.

7. Dairy products


Dairy products for eyes | Get All Answer

Dairy products like milk, yoghurt is a great source of protein. It has Vitamin A and the mineral Zinc.

Vitamin A helps cornea be healthy and the zinc helps in maintaining the vitamin in our eyes from the liver. Milk during breakfast in a cup of tea or coffee, Milk with cereals can be added nutrition.

These are the foods and fruits that are good for the eyes. Make sure you include them all in your diet to keep your beautiful eyes away from any disease or infections.

Lastly, hydrate yourself by drinking plenty of water because that flushes out any bacteria naturally from our body and keeps us and our eyes naturally healthy.