How do you spell windy like a windy road?

We use the word ‘windy’ to refer to the word curving. Usually, people use winding to avoid confusion. The winding roads are steep and curving. On the other hand, windy roads mean ‘too much wind’.

Moreover, people ask, what is a windy road?

It’s a road through the woods which has plenty of bends and curves in it, and a river in twisting pathway that meanders down to the sea. It’s also known as winding. The Beatles song “Then long and Winding Road” describes a twisting, indirect road. In old English saying windan, which means ‘to turn, twist or wind’.

what is another word for curvy or windy?
We can use word ‘voluptous’ and there also a few synonyms shapely, voluptuous, well-developed, stacked, sonsy, curvey, busty, svelte, and low-sling

Shall we wind up meaning? It means to get it over or to find yourself in an unexpected and usually unpleasant situation.