Best Shopping Spots Near Newark Airport

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Shopping near Newark Airport is a great way to ensure you enjoy your time in this part of New Jersey. There are many fabulous choices for your shopping enjoyment, and you can easily spend a day enjoying retail therapy at or near this large airport. Newark Airport and its surroundings offer many great options, and you can do some shopping before your flight, during a layover, or after you land here.

The first thing that you need to do when you head to Newark Airport for some shopping is to get your bags into secure storage. Having your luggage in a safe place can make all the difference in your ability to navigate the shops and carry your new purchases. It can be hard to shop effectively if you have a bunch of luggage getting in your way, so storing it safely is a good idea.

Shopping Spots Near Newark Airport

1.       Newark Terminal C

You can actually enjoy some really good shopping in the terminal itself if you are waiting for your flight or forgot to get a gift for someone. There are lots of good food options here, as well as great stores to enjoy. You will be able to get knick knacks, essentials, and even clothing in this part of the terminal. While this might not be your first choice for this kind of need, you will be surprised at the many great choices inside the terminal.

Enjoying great shopping can help pass some time that would otherwise be boring in the airport.

2.       The Mills at Jersey Gardens

The Mills at Jersey Gardens is the state’s largest outlet mall. There are so many popular brands here that you can shop with, and you will find some local favorites you might not have in your area. In all, there are over 200 stores to choose from, and if you like a big mall with everything, this is the spot for you. There are two levels and plenty of restaurants if you need a snack or a meal while you are shopping.

This is also a really great location that is easy to get to, only 30 minutes from New York City. It is a shopper’s paradise, and your dollars will stretch further because it’s an outlet mall.

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3.       Valley Mall Plaza Outlet

This fully indoor mall offers services, a food court, and shops to enjoy. You will love this choice if you want to enjoy shopping with major brands or if you have teens with you who love to go through the mall looking for their favorite stores. The mall is clean and tidy and super easy to navigate., even if it’s your first time here.

Valley Mall Plaza Outlet offers options for all budgets and can easily be added to your day if you are heading to a flight or have just arrived and want to get some essentials before you move on to other parts of your trip.

4.       Menlo Park Mall

Another really nice indoor mall, Menlo Park Mall, is a good place to head for Gap, H&M, Banana Republic, and much more. You will also be able to enjoy the food court and some specialty stores that sell food and other home goods. This is one of the newer and more enjoyable malls to have fun at near the airport, and you will not be disappointed with the shopping options that are offered here.

This is another great place to head with shoppers of all ages, and everyone will be able to find something they like here. Since this location is newer, you will have access to a fresh and beautiful mall space that is a pleasure to spend time in, even if you’re just window shopping.

5.       Newport Centre

Newport Centre is a fantastic shopping choice if you kill time before a flight. It’s easily reachable on the light rail before going to the airport. You will find all the usual anchor stores here, like Sears, Macy’s, Kohl’s, and JCPenny, but there are other more local sellers here to shop with as well. There is also a tax-free shopping location here, and you will be able to enjoy a movie at the movie theater if you want to take a break for a few hours.

This spot also has a food court, so you will not go hungry if you shop at this location. The accessibility and the shopping offered here are second-to-none, and this might be your best bet for shopping in this part of the city when you have a flight to catch.

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Shopping Near Newark Airport is Excellent

There are so many excellent places to shop near the airport, and you can easily pass the time before or after a flight in this part of the city. Most of the shopping in this guide can be accessed relatively simply using the light rail or rideshare, and you can even shop inside the terminal if you want. This is a great place for shopping malls of various kinds, and if you love that kind of shopping, you will have a wonderful time looking for some retail therapy near the airport.

No matter your plans for shopping near the airport, ensure you get your bags into secure storage when you arrive. Having your hands free makes everything much simpler, and knowing your bags are safe will help you have even more fun putting your credit card to the test.