How Videos Can Accelerate Growth in Your Business

Video marketing is a need in almost every industry. You can assess the importance of making videos for your business by considering important stats. 78% of people watch online videos every week, and 55% of the same people watch them every day. This number is staggering and may increase which means brands should use video to differentiate themselves. A good video that is made and edited well using an expert video editor can give you a competitive edge and take you above your competitors.

In this digital age, everyone strives to generate more traffic and be more competitive. Thanks to advances in technology and strategy, it has become easier for businesses to attract, retain, delight, and achieve their audience goals. Video marketing is the fastest-growing technology that helps businesses attract visitors and increase sales.

About 63% of businesses reached new heights with an early start in using video content because of the great benefits. 82% consider video marketing to be an important part of their strategy.

83% of businesses strongly believe that video marketing will bring good ROI.

Accelerate your business growth with video marketing – Here Is How Videos Can Help Your Businesses Grow

Here are some important reasons you must consider before making video marketing an important strategy in developing your businesses:

Improved Conversion Rate

Adding a video to your marketing emails increases click-through rates by 200-300%. And embedding a video on your landing page increases conversion rates by 80%. Therefore, inculcating video marketing greatly enhances conversion, which eventually leads to higher chances of a sale.

83% of businesses say video provides a great return on investment. Research shows that 74% of users who watched a video explaining a product or service made a purchase. So, we encourage you to start creating exciting product videos today!

Improved Brand Awareness

Make unique videos using an online video editor to help audiences recognize and remember your brand. Showcase your products and services and raise awareness of your offerings. According to the study, businesses using video marketing can increase brand awareness by 52% by showing customers the fun side of their business.

If you want to grab the attention of your visitors, focus on building brand awareness as it creates a sense of personal approach. That’s why 57% of consumers said watching videos made them feel more confident when shopping online.5

Provide the Right Information and Education

In today’s information age, consumers are looking for videos that help them learn about many aspects of their products. Video is the best medium for informing and educating consumers. 96% of people prefer watching videos to understand new concepts, products, etc.

Additionally, 84% of people are confident they will buy from a brand after watching its video. So, make sure you create an informational video that your customers can relate to. 98% of users said they watched instructional videos to learn more about a product or service.

That’s why 45% of businesses using video marketing say they have an instructional video on their homepage. 83% of these companies say that explainer videos on their homepage are compelling.

Sharing on Social Media

Social media channels use new features to promote your video content. YouTube is topping the ranking charts. Facebook launched Live Video, Instagram has 60-second videos and Instagram Stories, and lots more. However, in the context of social media, you must focus on sharing emotions rather than promoting sales.

76% of users say they share branded videos with friends if they find them interesting. Emotions aren’t exactly the ROI, but social sharing can drive traffic to your site and get traffic from there.

Improve the SEO Of Your Website

Who doesn’t want to top the chart on search engines? Videos allow visitors to spend more time on the website. Thus, longevity builds trust and lets search engines know that your website has great content.

Embedding a video on your website makes it 65 times more likely to appear first on Google. Since Google now owns YouTube, the impact of videos on search engine rankings has increased significantly.

Engaging videos can lead users to your website and thus rank higher in search engines. This helps build your brand reputation and increase sales. Therefore, a good and strong video marketing strategy is a must for any brand to increase its overall influence and can only be achieved with a good online video editor.

Attract Mobile Users

No one can imagine life without mobile phones. Your business videos should be fully compatible with mobile phones. About 90% of people prefer to watch videos on their mobile phones. 

Video views on mobile have increased by over 233%. YouTube reports that mobile video consumption is growing 100% each year. People love to watch videos on the go, and as the number of smartphone users grows, so too does the video audience.

Improve Customer Retention Rate

Consumers are more likely to remember what they see than what they read. A high retention rate indicates that consumers are more trusting, which likely converts them into buyers.

95% of people believe videos help them retain their concepts and messages, but only 10% retain their messages when they read. So, the ultimate goal of video marketing is to create educational and engaging videos that give consumers a reason to buy your product.

Videos Go Viral

Videos that matter has incredible reach, making growing your business immeasurably easy. Nearly 92% of people share videos they watch on their mobile phones with others.

Therefore, your video should be unique, attractive, and engaging. A professional video editor is essential to achieve your goal of wide reach. Storytelling is more important than ever.

Live Videos

Live video streams are becoming an important part of video content. Promote your post-event recorded material in a unique live format. Host live events for your audience, host live Q&A sessions, or conduct influencer interviews to build brand awareness.

Personalized Experience

Personalized videos allow you to target different consumers. Every consumer wants a personalized experience that makes them appreciate your brand. So, with a good and strong video marketing strategy, you can take your brand to unimaginable heights.

Gone are the days when customers preferred traditional marketing methods like print ads and billboards. Every customer is looking for a product that speaks directly to them. Videos can make even the most boring topics interesting if done well. There are many ways to use video to engage customers and ultimately increase sales.


Video marketing is becoming increasingly affordable and widespread. The growing acceptance of video is partly due to technological advances but partly because it can be easily disseminated around the world. Creating a marketing video for your business allows you to create true advertising miracles with minimal effort.

Emotional and creative video ads spread across the Internet and are viewed millions of times in just a few days. Only the creative will survive! Check out our other posts on video content marketing. Introduce a good concept, emotion, message, and, most importantly, delivery through your business videos.