7 Most Popular Beaches In India 2020

Smell the sea and feel the sky. Let your soul and spirit fly. – Van Morrison

The sound of sea waves and the sand and sunlight, a tan for some days and a memory for a lifetime. Traveling to beaches is a way of connecting to mother nature and coping up with emotions, stress caused in busy city life. Parties on the beach and water sports along with scenic beach views are something worth a visit. Indian coastal areas are diverse and have visitors from around the world. The most famous beaches are


It is the longest beach in India, and one the famous beaches in Chennai. It stretches over 13 kilometers and has a beautiful and pleasing view. Many buildings and monuments are built near the sea. India’s first Aquarium is an iconic building on Marina beach. A lighthouse gives you a full view of Chennai city, you can also enjoy a horse ride on the sea shores.


  • Varkala Beach:


Varkala beach is situated 51kms north from Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala. Locally it is known as Papanasam beach. It is 10 Km from Varkala hamlet, and is one of the calm and peaceful beaches. A Vishnu temple, 2000 years old and an ashram called as Sivagiri mutt is present near the beach and many tourists like to visit such holy places. The beach water is known for its medicinal and curative properties and hence many devotees come here to take a dip in the holy water to get rid of impurities. Many Ayurvedic massage centres attract travellers and Varkala is becoming a health centre that attracts a lot of tourists to the beach.


  • Baga Beach:


Goa is known for its Party culture and crowded beaches, but Baga beach is an exception. It is situated between Anjuna and Calangute beach. It is the cleanest and calmest beach. The white waves, white sand and this view can be enjoyed by laying in hammocks available on the beach. Water sports along with dolphin rides are also major tourist attractions. There is a Tibetian market on Baga road which would be a perfect place for shopaholics. Shacks are available on the beach for stay.

  • Juhu Beach:

One of the most famous beaches in Mumbai, is situated in Ville Parle. It borders a posh locality, where most celebrities stay and therefore once in a while you can see these famous celebrities jogging around on the beach. It is approximately 18kms from the city centre. Apart from the scenic beauty of the beach, it is famous for street food and delicacies. Sounds like a perfect place for a foodie. Restaurants and hotels are available on the north side of  the beach. People come to the beach to relax and enjoy the sun set after a hectic day. 


  • Calangute Beach:


The most famous beach of Goa, known for frantic nightlife and a beautiful view of the arabian sea. This beach is surrounded by coconut and palm trees. This is the mostly visited beach and so is a bit crowded. Also due to the beauty and scenic view the beach is called the ‘Queen of Beaches’. Tourists can enjoy the Goan beach culture along with the serene beauty of the beach. Shopaholic can treat themselves by shopping at a variety of souvenir shops, also exquisite stores showcasing artwork from Tibet, Rajasthan, and many other places from all over India. Shacks are available on the beach for stay and you can travel by hiring bikes or cabs.

  • Kashid Beach:


A picturesque beach situated in Northern region of Konkan, and 125 km from Mumbai is a peaceful beach and a best getaway from the hustle bustle of the citylife. Hammocks are available on the beach, and you can enjoy horseback rides along the seashore. Murud Janjira Fort, is a most visited spot near kashid beach which has a historical importance in Maratha history. What history does the fort and the beach have, you can explore that by visiting the beach. It gets crowded on weekends and it is suggested to plan the trip in advance and have booking done beforehand.

  • Anjuna Beach:  

Perfect beach for lazy people and party lovers. Anjuna is also a beach in Goa and is famous for its full moon parties. Flea markets on Wednesdays is also a tourist attraction. It is situated 18km from the capital Panji. Mascarenhas Mansion with rich architecture and classic balconies is also worth a visit.