How to remove acrylic nails with hot water Instantly

Let’s see ‘how to remove acrylic nails with hot water, acrylic nails have taken over the market for fashion due to their ability to create the appearance of length for your nails. Like all makeup, they need to be taken off after an appropriate time.

The most simple and fastest removal technique is obvious, and it is done using Acetone.

While it’s fine to use acetone occasionally sometimes, the regular use of acetone may cause skin issues. What is the remedy? Simple hot water is the most secure way to eliminate the nail. We’ll now guide you through how to remove acrylic nails with hot water at your home.

Please follow the below steps for how to remove acrylic nails with hot water at your home:


  1. Fill an empty bowl with water, then begin heating it.
  2. Once it is warm enough that you can soak your hands in it, place it back down.
  3. Soak your nails in water for around 15 minutes.
  4. Continue to do this until the nails begin swelling. This indicates that your acrylic nail may be starting to come off.
  5. Utilize a pointed object cut off the nail with acrylic from the original nail.
  6. Make sure your cuticle is moisturized by applying cuticle oil or any other moisturizing product that works for your skin


DIY Solution for How to remove your acrylic nails with hot water and oil.

Please follow the below steps for how to remove acrylic nails with hot water and oil.

This is clearly an effective method as you’re using something that heals and nourishes your nails, not damaging and stripping them.

  1. You can apply an ointment-soaked Q-tip in cuticle oil and apply it to each nail for around five minutes.
  2. Be sure that you get the oil in any area of the nail that has started to come up
  3. If you’re seeking a quicker solution then soak the entire cotton ball with oil.
  4. Then hold it in place or wrap it in tape or aluminum foil for a couple of moments until it has loosened and can be removed using an orange stick

Another Alter solution to remove your acrylic nails is to remove them with vinegar

How to take off acrylic nails with vinegar

Vinegar can remove acrylic nails, although it may take longer or be less effective than acetone. For this option to work, mix vinegar and lemon juice, in equal parts, in a bowl. You can also soak your hands in warm water for 10 to 20 minutes first to help speed up the process.

Refer to the below video for how to remove acrylic nails with hot water:


Acrylic nails are attractive and captivating. The use of them can add an element of color and variety to your appearance. But getting rid of them is an issue. You must be careful when deciding on the method you’re going to employ.

Always make sure to choose the safest and most effective method rather than one that is fast and simple. From all the options discussed the most efficient is the hot water option as it is readily available and is natural as well as effective. You now know how to remove acrylic nails using hot water. Additionally, this method will not cause dryness to your nails and doesn’t require any harsh chemicals which could be harmful to your skin.

Care for your nails is vital for keeping them clean and shining. Keep in mind the three essential steps to nail care: scrub, cleanse and moisturize and you’ll be a good go.