What are water wipes?

Bascially, WaterWipes are the only wipes made with just water (99.9%), specially purified and softened, and a tiny drop (.01%) of grapefruit seed extract– a natural skin conditioner. Awarded the National Eczema Association of America Seal of Acceptance, registered by the Vegan Society, and dermatologically approved by The Skin Health Alliance

One may also ask, what is the difference between Water wipes and baby wipes?

WaterWipes have been validated by the Skin Health Alliance as being purer than using cotton wool and water, therefore helping maintain the important skin barrier function of the stratum corneum, while offering the convenience of a wipe.

WaterWipes is the only baby wipe to hold numerous accreditations and registrations from global skin and allergy associations. On the other hand, normal Baby wipes can be used for more than just cleaning babies’ bottoms.

Similarly, Do WaterWipes cause diaper rash?

The findings revealed, WaterWipes was the No. 1 cleansing wipe helping against the causes of diaper rash. As  the babies cleansed with them as part of a cleaning routine were less likely to get diaper rash 

However, Is toilet paper better than baby wipes?

Baby wipes can leave you feeling much cleaner than toilet paper and do a good job of removing bacteria on the skin that leads to urinary tract infections. This antibacterial function is generally beneficial, but baby wipes can remove the healthy bacteria naturally present on human skin if used excessively.

Also, why you shouldn’t use wet wipes?

Although, a big risk with using wet wipes is the moisture factor. The moisture just festers, and it causes a change in bacteria and leads to irritation.

More Questions Related to Waterwipes:

Can adults use Waterwipes?

WaterWipes Biodegradable Adult Care Sensitive Wipes are perfectly safe for cleaning all parts of the body. WaterWipes Professional Care wipes are safe for cleaning the face and hands, intimate areas as well as incontinence-related issues.

Where to buy water wipes?

You can buy it from amazon.com, target.com or walmart.com

What are water wipes used for?

WaterWipes are the world’s purest baby wipe – 99.9% water and a drop of fruit extract. Suitable for premature, infant, and newborn skin; effective clean yet ultra-mild, pure, gentle. WaterWipes are a suitable alternative to cloth and water and ideal for frequent, convenient cleaning for a baby’s delicate skin.

Why are water wipes so expensive?

As normal wipes cause nappy rash and sore bum which are somewhat normal for new babies because of their skin is so delicate. On the Contrary, water wipes consist of water and fruit extract which are perfect for sensitive skin. Furthermore, WaterWipes became accredited by the SHA in January 2020. Recently, the SHA validated WaterWipes Baby Wipes as purer than cotton wool and water. This is the reason for water wipes being so expensive.

What are water wipes for babies?

WaterWipes are a type of diaper or baby wipe. It is meant to be natural and gentle on your baby’s skin. These unique wipes can be used even on newborn babies

Who owns water wipes?

Edward McCloskey is the founder of WaterWipes. WaterWipes (Irish Breeze) is a privately-owned Irish company that develops and offers a range of wet wipes for babies and senior care.

Where are water wipes made?

Water wipes are made in Drogheda, Ireland. Water wipes are now a global business, selling the world’s Purest Baby wipes in over 50 countries.

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How long do you use water wipes for newborn?

There’s no time limit on how long to use water wipes on a baby. Usually made with 99.9% water, they are ideal for sensitive skin. If you’ve noticed a rash or redness after using baby wipes, you may want to switch to gentler water wipes.

How to make water wipes?

You can make homemade baby wipes with just water, castile soap, and a little bit of olive oil. The baby wipes liquid mixture can be used for disposable baby wipes (using paper towels) or reusable baby wipes, using cloth wipes.