Lowkey Garden Lounge: Guide and Facts

What is the most fascinating thing about the lowkey garden lounge?

This is a beautiful place. I am absolutely in love with Lowkey Garden Lounge. I love the ambiance and the atmosphere it’s simply incredible. The music isn’t loud it’s great. The wait time for my meal was not too bad. I’m amazed because, in other restaurants, I’m required to wait for too long, which causes me to be annoyed. The staff is very courteous and polite.

Entertainment Activities performed at Lowkey Garden Lounge?

The activities performed at Lowkey Garden Lounge are:

  1. Free shots
  2. Dancing Bears
  3. Free search for the contest to win a bottle

What are the Pros of Lowkey Garden Lounge?

cute place, friendly staff, pretty decent food, good music

What are the Cons of Lowkey Garden Lounge?

$15 cover charge, they take your ID and a card and hold onto it at the door, 18% service fee added to every single check (even if it’s just 1 drink at the bar), bartenders & waitresses inexperienced/not very good, long wait for everything.

What is the best food item at Lowkey Garden Lounge?

Wings and Lobster Mac

Does Lowkey Garden Lounge deliver?

Yes, they do deliver and follow Contact-free delivery

What did you need to carry to enter LGL?

You need to have your Mask and Vaccination certificate to enter the restaurant.

Can you Bring cake to the restaurant?

Yes, they’ll keep your cake in place when you arrive until the time for you to serve it. There’s a charge of $25 to store it in their facility, take it out, and serve you and your guests. This includes cleaning up. There is no charge to purchase Cupcakes unless you would like them to store it.

How old do you have to be to enter the restaurant?

All the guests must be 21+ to enter the restaurant and should verify it with government identification.

Can you wear a Hat at Lowkey Garden restaurant?

No, Due to security reasons they do not allow to wear Hat

Is there any dress code at Lowkey Garden restaurant?

They do have a minor list of clothing that they do not allow inside the restaurant which consists of hoodies, athletic wear, slides/slippers, or headwear

Lowkey Garden Reviews by the customers?

“The ONLY reason why this review is getting 4 stars & not 5 is because when I came here, the hostess in the front was VERY RUDE & DIDNT EVEN PROPERLY GREET MY DATE & I. She was lightskin, short , slim with blonde hair. I do not know her name. She was working Friday July 23rd around 5/6 pm.

Now, our server, JENNIFER was very pleasant and certainly changed my mood and made our FIRST TIME phenomenal. She was very accommodating and attentive to us. My date and I had an overall great time but ONLY because of her & NOT the hostess. I would go back ONLY if she will be there. We ordered a lot of shit but it was definitely worth it” Quoted by Ja’Ashley C

“If you’re looking for a place to vibe and dance then this is it. The staff is decent and the music was on point. Had a fun experience despite it being a younger crowd ( I’m an old lady now). The bartender present the night I went with my best friend was a whole vibe. They also have hookah.” Quoted by Laura E

“This place is a hidden gem. I have visited here at least 5 times. Each time I was not disappointed. I like the outside area for cute brunch photo opp time. The inside is legit a club. The Dj plays everything. I really love how they have affordable prices but give you this sexy vibe! I went from twerking, dancing to reggaeton to dancing to Afrobeats! I’ll be back!” Quoted by Doreen G

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