How to Download Online Videos Using SmallSEOTools

Out of all forms of content, videos are the most entertaining, more attractive, and influential in many ways. Whether people want to kill their free time, research the products and services they have to collect information about different things, they prefer videos over written text and podcasts.

However, there is a significant issue with videos; you cannot easily download and save them on your mobile and desktop devices as almost every video-sharing and social media has put limitations on downloading options. That’s why people are forced to get help from third-party applications, software, extensions, and tools.

If video downloading is your issue, this article can solve it. It will introduce you to a compelling video downloading platform that can make your life easier.


SmallSEOTools is one of the best tools-based websites available online. Millions of people visit the platform on a daily basis and rely on the tools offered by this incredible platform. Whether people are looking for tools to help them in tasks related to SEO, writing, graphic designing, converting, or video downloading, this platform can help them in all of them.

Have a look at the video downloading tools of SmallSEOTools.

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Video Downloader -SmallSEOTools

This downloader allows people to download video clips from multiple video-sharing platforms, including YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, etc. If you are using this video downloader, you don’t need to install any extra application, software, browser, or extension to your system. You only need a stable internet connection to download any video.

There are multiple benefits of using this video downloader; here are a few of them!

●      Best Quality Results

The biggest issue with many tools is that they don’t provide the best quality videos. So you will have to be satisfied with the video quality that you get. However, SmallSEOTools’ video downloader has solved this issue. Every time you download video using this platform, you get the quality you want.

●      User-friendly Interface

This video downloader has a user-friendly interface that allows everyone to download videos without any hassle. Even small kids and people without knowledge about technology can also easily download video clips in no time. Moreover, everyone can easily understand where to insert the video link, which button they need to press, and how to select the video quality.

●      Doesn’t Show Any Spammy Ads

The biggest issue with many online downloaders is that they frequently show spammy, click-baiting, and pop-up ads that almost every internet user hates. While using this tool, you don’t have to deal with them.

Let’s see what other tools this platform offers!

Facebook Video Downloader

This is almost the same downloader with similar features and graphics. The only difference between these two tools is that it is designed only for Facebook videos, and the video downloader is for all platforms. This tool can download Facebook videos, reels, stories, online streaming videos after they are finished, etc.

The Facebook video downloader is specially designed for those who face difficulties downloading Facebook videos as some tools don’t allow people to save these videos. There are some other video downloading programs as well that SmallSEOTools provide, like Vimeo Video Downloader, Instagram Video Downloader, Dailymotion Video Downloader, etc.

Coming to the most important question!

How to Download Online Videos Using SmallSEOTools?

As mentioned above, using the tools of this platform is very easy. You don’t need to be a tech-freak to download any video you like. You don’t need any special software, browser, or device to save videos on your systems. As a user, you can download your favorite video on any device within only a few seconds.

Steps to Download Videos

The video downloading process comprises only a few easy steps that are mentioned below;

●      Open the Browser

First, you need to open a browser you regularly use for surfing the internet. It could be anyone, including Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.

●   Search SmallSEOTools

After opening the browser, you can directly open SmallSEOTools’ website or search for it on your preferred search engine. That search engine will take you to the website. You can also search as SmallSEOTools’ video downloader for Facebook video downloader.

●  Copy Video Link

Whether you want to download a Facebook video or any video, you need to copy its URL to insert it in the video downloader. Without the link, you cannot download any video.

●  Insert the Link in the Given Box

When you open the video downloader, you will see a box with the text “Enter Video URL.” The next step is to paste the link into the box.

●  Press the Download Button

After that, now is the time to press the download button. When you press that, you will see a captcha you have to fill.

●  Choose the Video Quality

Once you fill in the captcha, you will be asked to choose the video quality you want to download. Press the download button beside video quality, and your video will be started downloading.