IMAX VS RPX : Which is Best?

IMAX, as well as RPX, are two formats for movies that are gaining popularity in the modern world. If you wish to experience an actual movie then you should have sufficient information about each of IMAX or RPX.

Since choosing the best theater is essential for movie-goers. The impression you get from a movie is largely contingent on the quality of the theater.

Both formats of movies will be reviewed throughout this post. We will give a comprehensive and thorough review of the differences and similarities between them. Continue reading the article to choose the best product.

IMAX vs RPX: A Brief Introduction

IMAX is an acronym as “Image Maximum”. It is an advanced technology for theaters. It is famous for its massive screen sizes and 3D formats.

It’s an immersive film experience using the most recent technology: bigger cameras and digital dual laser projectors and a superb sound system.

RPX is the short version that stands for “Regal Premium Experience”. It’s also a theater technology that’s way ahead of IMAX. RPX is the most modern and biggest screen to be developed by the Regal Cinema.

It is also distinguished by the huge screen as well as an impressive sound system. However, it also has enhanced features in comparison to IMAX.

It has larger and better-quality digital projectors. This means that the screen is superior to IMAX.

IMAX vs RPX: A Detailed Overview

IMAX and RPX are distinguished in a variety of ways. For instance, the comfort of the cinema hall technology, the infrastructure screen size, and other aspects distinguish both cinema technologies.

Therefore, we must explore them more deeply. The following section of this article gives the complete overview of IMAX as well as RPX.

1. Comfortability

IMAX and RPX can be distinguished in numerous ways. For instance, the comfort of the theater hall, infrastructure, technologies, size and screen, and other factors distinguish the two technologies of theater.

Therefore, we must explore them more deeply. The next part of this article will provide an extensive overview of both IMAX as well as RPX.

2. Infrastructure and Technology

The IMAX cinemas feature unique screens and infrastructure. The screen is curving around the center and takes on an arc that resembles a massive dome.

This type of structure creates the illusion of a 3D appearance with pop images. Additionally, IMAX theaters use dual laser projectors that are 2K and 4K with high-resolution cameras as well as 12 channel audio systems.

Image projection onto silver-coated screens, both horizontally and vertically. It is superimposed to create a symbiosis effect.

Seats are too steep in the IMAX theater. This arrangement assures that the audience is right in front of the screen.

Additionally, the seats are positioned at a higher height and are closer to the film. This allows the audience to watch the film in the most optimal way.

PX cinemas use cutting-edge technology. They make use of Digital projectors as well as sound systems. The quality of the image is nearly similar to IMAX however the aspect ratio varies.

3. Screen Size

The IMAX screens are massive, with 70-100 feet in length and 53 feet wide. They are six times more massive than standard screens.

According to statistics from the past, the world’s largest IMAX screen measures 177.2×97 feet and is located within Sydney, Australia. The entire theater is surrounded by a large screen, and the action is vibrant.

RPX screen is larger than the dual 2K IMAX screens. The typical RPX screen is 40×60. It’s wider compared to IMAX which is higher.

The ratio for the IMAX screen is 1.90:1 and RPX is larger than the two-screen IMAX.

4. Movie Experience

IMAX cinemas provide an immersive experience. The viewer feels part of the film. The images on the screen appear to be in contact with the audience.

The sound is also very enveloping and it’s like everything is happening as if it is real. The most appealing thing about IMAX theatres is the exceptional quality and clarity.

The cutting-edge laser technology produces clear and accurate images. It utilizes the 70mm film format which creates stunning pictures.

RPX is the name of the project from Regal Cinema that is intended to offer enhanced effects in movies, with top-quality audio systems as well as high-quality video formats.

Both 3D and 2D movies are available to watch in the RPX cinema.

5. Sound System

RPX cinemas feature the 7.1 sound system with 7.1 channels. In addition, they have low-frequency transducers inside every seat to improve the effect of sound.

Certain filmgoers find these transducers to be distracting due to their unattractive harmonics. The sound quality isn’t similar to Dolby Atmos or other audio high-resolution formats.

However, IMAX theaters are equipped with a 12-channel sound system. The sound is full and speakers are located on top of the head, too. Certain IMAX cinemas also have Dolby Atmos.


IMAX vs RPX: Comparison and Contrast Table

Comparison Parameters IMAX RPX
Comfortability The seats are superior to Standard theaters but not as comfortable as RPX. Leathery and comfortable seats with a higher back, headrests, and recliners.
Infrastructure and Technology Curved screens stretching across walls and 2K laser projectors. It is a flat-screen. RPX also comes with Digital projection tech. Its screen is bigger than IMAX.
Screen Display The screen measures 70-100 feet tall and 53-foot wide. The screen measures 40 feet high as well as 60 feet in width. In comparison to IMAX, the screen is smaller but wider in length.
Sound System A 12-channel surround sound system that has improved clarity. A 7.1 surround sound system with seven channels and low-frequency transducers is installed on each seat.
Movie Experience 3D movies that have a full-body experience, viewers feel like they are elements of the movie. RPX also provides 3D movie effects. It’s ideal for watching 3D films.
Cost It’s $5 more expensive than standard screens. However, every cent can be proved to be worth it. It is priced at $5 more than IMAX.
Which is Better? IMAX is not appropriate for certain types of films like romance or story-oriented. As dialogues play a greater role than the scenery in these types of films. Any kind of film is possible to watch in RPX cinema. It offers RealD 3D, 2D in addition to other movie formats.

RPX or IMAX, Which is Better?

IMAX theatres offer the ideal place to watch 3D films, particularly documentaries about the natural world, such as oceans and wildlife. Other films can also be seen in IMAX.

But, narrative-driven films aren’t worth viewing at all in IMAX because you concentrate on the dialogue and scenes, not on the view.

RPX is compatible with any kind of film and you can choose between 2D or 3D versions. Actually, RPX is the brand name and claims to give you a more immersive cinema experience.

It is reported that the Regal Theaters have upgraded some of their theaters to modern technology. They have called it RPX. It is worth noting that IMAX films are played at RPX theaters.

The experience you get from watching movies in the RPX cinema is also dependent on the location of the theater. Certain RPX cinemas are well worth the price due to the bigger screens and high-end technology.

However, some may offer you the usual movie effects. Additionally, your position can affect the viewing experience.

The chairs in the first row provide an improved view as opposed to the back rows. The images on RPX aren’t as bright as IMAX. They are gentler to the eyes.

In IMAX theater the audience must wear polarized glasses to minimize the effect of lighting and to boost the 3D effects.

Budget is another factor in order to select between two formats for film, which is why RPX costs more than IMAX. In truth, IMAX is better than RPX in many ways.


The selection of the format of a movie and theater technology is heavily contingent on the individual’s preferences. The 3D trend has been a huge hit in the past few years.

However, it’s in the process of boiling down and people are looking towards different film formats. But, the importance of the true IMAX experience remains undisputed.

The huge screens in IMAX cinemas are among the most impressive of all. However, there are some who prefer films in Standard format, while others prefer the convenience of the cinema hall.

RPX is a standout in this regard due to its extremely comfortable recliner seating and the surrounding.

Now, you’ve got an understanding of IMAX as well as RPX. I am sure this guide has assisted you in choosing the ideal movie format.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Dolby better than IMAX?

Dolby Cinema projects better images that have 500 times the contrast ratio and nearly four times higher resolution than the IMAX. However, IMAX uses 40% bigger screens and has an aspect ratio when contrasted with the aspect ratio of Dolby Cinema. Both utilize dual 4K laser projectors and Upgraded sound systems that provide an immersive experience.


IMAX Digital uses 2K projection (2,048 x 1,080) and IMAX with Laser uses 4K projection (4,096 x 2,160).

Is IMAX Dolby Atmos?

Dolby Atmos can be described as an audio format that can support “up to” 64 distinct audio sources (though typically, there will be fewer audio channels available) Traditional IMAX is a format that has seven channels (technically 6.1) which predates Atmos by a few decades.

What is IMAX 70mm?

70mm Imax is a film projection format. It is a film that’s four times larger than 35mm, which was standard “standard” format prior to the time that movies changed to digital projection. This means that it has more resolution than traditional (film) projection and can be projected with greater size.

What is a ScreenX movie?

ScreenX is the world’s first multi-projection theater technology that offers moviegoers the ability to view 270 degrees in a panoramic manner by extending the screen to the walls to the sides inside the auditorium.

Does RPX have recliners?

The luxurious wing that is being built is located at Regal Irvine Spectrum ScreenX 4DX, IMAX + has eight new auditoriums equipped featuring Regal Recliners of King Size and seats that are reserved, an upgraded menu as well as a lounge. The comfortable recliners are comfortable and spacious. They can be adjusted and allow guests to experience the ultimate regal experience.

Is 4DX better than IMAX?

IMAX theaters feature huge screens as well as amplified sound systems.IMAX unlike 4DX is a technique that is popular with filmmakers since it lets audiences get a decent 25 percent more of the picture. A giant, curved screen lets you see a lot more clearly than the usual theatrical presentation on a standard screen.