How To Withdraw PF Amount Online: Step By Step Guide


Provident fund is a government scheme initiated as per the Employee Provident Fund Act, 1952, wherein you and your employer contribute a specific amount each month. A corpus for your post retirement will be built as money is saved monthly. Your EPF account will not change even if you change your job and organization. You can check the balance by using Universal account number(UAN), a 12 digit number used for checking PF details. You can visit EPFO e-SEWA, mobile app or login using UAN to check the balance. In an emergency like hospitalization, education, renovation of house etc, instead of taking loan you can use the PF and withdrawing money from PF, UAN is very important.


To withdraw PF amount online you have to use EPFO Portal and need a UAN and a password. EPFO Portal is managed under the ministry of labor and employment.

  • Visit the EPFO portal and log in using the UAN and password. If you don’t remember the password, you can click forget password by resetting a new password using an OTP. 


  • Click the manage option and link your AADHAR number with UAN. After this find claim form -31, 19 &10C.


  • Now click on online services and click on Claim (form-31, 19 &10C) and select withdrawal type.


  • The next step will be selecting from the ‘I want to apply for’ menu, selecting one option from full withdrawal, partial withdrawal, or pension withdrawal. Then approval of the claim is generated which is sent to your employer for approval. Once the claim is approved, the fund is credited to your savings account linked to EPF. 


The above process will take approximately 10 days.