7 Most Popular Cake Worldwide (2020)


Themed parties are a part of party culture and people are no more interested in simple birthdays or other parties. With the new experiments by creative minds in the baking field, complex gaming themed cakes are also possible now. Video games, like books or movies, have avid users who have made this form of media central to their lives. Gamers are really crazy about gaming and so you can surprise a gamer in your life with a game themed cake. Let us see a few game themed cakes.



A very famous online video game, with 3 game modes, the most famous being the Fortnite battle royal. And this theme with llama and weapons are made on the Fortnite cakes. Customized maps are also done and the cakes are available in the combination of three colours that are pink, blue and purple. Only Llama themed cakes are also in demand and Fortnite gamers enjoy this themed cake.

  • Paw patrol cake: 

This television show with cutest paw patrol is a favourite of kids and kids sing along the theme of paw patrol. With many bright colours and characters like marshall and sky along with rubble, Paw patrol cake is the most popular cake. The paw patrol badge is a special add on the cake and your kids will be amused to see the characters seen on TV on an actual cake. 


  • Geode Cake: 


Geologically a geode is a hollow rock filled with sparkling crystals and minerals. Geode cake literally has an edible geode on the edge with crystals. This a trending cake in weddings, brides are getting creative for choosing geode cake made with different colored edible crystals. Geode cake is chosen over a simple sugar-coated wedding cake. Rock candy, some paint is used to make the intricate geode which makes the cake look attractive and different. 

  • Dinosaur cake: 


Kids are obsessed with the ferocious dinosaurs and would be so happy to get a cake with their favorite dinosaurs on it. Imagine a T-Rex cake for your kids birthday, surrounded by the trees and plants from Jurassic park. Dinosaur cakes with perfect details are famous and are the most ordered cakes.


  • Baby Shark Cake:


Baby shark is a trending rhyme which has a group of sharks singing the baby shark song. A colourful cake with a group of sharks and a few water creatures like starfish along with sea plants makes the cake’s look like a little marine theme. This cake is in demand for first birthdays as it is inspired by the rhyme. 

  • Spiderman Cake:


Every child spends his childhood reading Spiderman comics, and for today’s kids, it is available in digital form in movies and games. One of the oldest superheroes and favourite superheroes of many. Spiderman cake has a red and black colour combination with the spider man face and webs. For the superhero fans, this will be a perfect cake, even for adults this could be a childhood memory come true.


  • Pubg Cake: 


The most trending game, especially in India. People are going crazy over this game, and few have made a career by playing this game. Like seriously who would have thought just to win a chicken dinner people will go so crazy. This craziness for the game has resulted in the introduction of Pubg themed cake. Pubg lovers will enjoy this cake more than the game as it can be actually eaten, unlike the chicken dinner.