How to clean Paperlike screen protectors?

Just clean your Paperlike regularly with a tiny bit of dishwashing soap and a damp towel (you can use the dry wipe included in each package).

How to remove Paperlike screen protector?

Usually you can just peel it off. But sometimes, it’s not that easy to remove Paperlike screen protectors. The easiest way to take off a Paperlike screen protector is to use a credit card, guitar pick/plectrum, or toothpick. If you can’t find a “way in” and the screen protector is firmly attached to the display at the corners, you can try duct tape. You can now discard the screen protector.

Where to buy Paperlike screen protector?

You can buy Paperlike from or from Paperlike official website

How to apply Paperlike screen protector?

Follow the below steps to apply Paperlike screen protector:

  1. Place your Paperlike onto your iPad with side 2 facing up, and make sure the home-button or face-id are not being covered by the Paperlike. Then apply the guide-stickers on one side of the iPad, and the round sticker on the opposite side.
  2. Center the Paperlike on your iPad and make sure it has the same distance from the edge on all sides.
  3. While holding the Paperlike in place, stick the guide stickers to the iPad securely
  4. Flip the Paperlike “open” – use the guide-stickers as the hinge.
  5. Use the wet wipe to clean the screen
  6. Peel off side 1 (sticky side) protection foil
  7. Place the peeled Paperlike on your iPad
  8. Use a credit card to push out the bubbles
  9. Now remove the side 2 protective layer

Note: Please refer to this video to apply Paperlike screen protector

How long does Paperlike take to ship?

Estimated transit times for Paperlike’s Products

United States 4-7 days
Canada 1-4 days
Australia and Newzealand 2-8 days
Europe 2-14 days
Asia and Oceania 3-6 days
Middle east and South Africa 3-6 days
South America 3-6 days

How long does Paperlike last?

Paperlike screen protectors last for 2-3 months if you use them on a daily basis. Afterward, slowly and gradually it will lose its roughness.

Is the Paperlike screen protector worth it?

As per the customer experience of buying the paperlike screen protector is great. The paperlike does its job incredibly well. Notetaking on iPad is a joy once you installed the Paperlike screen protector. It helps you while writing or drawing on the glass screen. So definitely Paperlike is worth it

What does Paperlike feel like?

It doesn’t feel like paper. It provides resistance and the pen doesn’t glide across the screen as fast as without it. It feels like writing on a Sandy surface. It’s difficult to install without getting any dust and lining up the thing is hard too.

Does Paperlike ruin screen quality?

In the case of PaperLike, it is the screen’s resolution and brightness, which are reduced a bit due to the coarse-grained texture.

How often you should change Paperlike?

As per industry standards and customer reviews, You should change the Paperlike screen protector after 3 months.

Does Paperlike wear down Apple Pencil?

Even if you didn’t use Paperlike, you’d still wear out your Apple Pencil tips. That’s why they launched them with replacement nibs. Paperlike wears your nibs faster, but no matter what surface you use your Pencil on, it will wear out.

Is matte and the Paperlike are same?

Paperlike and Matte are totally two different materials. The Paperlike protector has friction on the surface of the film while Matte film is without it. The matte film is more Grandy on the surface but Paperlike film is much better than it. Furthermore, the paperlike film is designed for writing, drawing, or painting with your apple pencil, but the matte film is just a anti-glare film.

How do I get refund from Paperlike?

If you are not 100% satisfied, You can contact Paperlike at [email protected] to take advantage of their 100 days guarantee

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Can you put Paperlike on top of tempered glass?

Yes, you can apply Paperlike screen protector over a tempered glass screen protector and it works great. No problem with the touch or with the Apple Pencil