Fun & Thoughtful Ways to Say Get Well Soon

When a friend or family member is under the weather, it can be difficult to express your feelings of sympathy, especially if you’re unable to visit them. Quarantining may keep you away or they might live in a different city. Either way, it’s important to say get well soon because support and love are needed during times of illness and surgery recovery.

  • You Are Awesome Throw Blanket: Help build them back up with this ‘awesome’ purple throw blanket. “You are” is depicted in the center with all sorts of lovely words sprinkled throughout the rest of the blanket such as: Loved, Fabulous, Epic, Inspiring, and more. It would be hard not to feel better when cuddled under this blanket.


  • Tea Care Package: If anything can soothe the mind, body and soul, it’s tea. One of the most ancient of elixirs, the Unboxme Tea Care Package includes Cedarwood Chai Tea, Cream Fuzzy Socks, a Cream Speckled Mug, and a Honey Jar & Cinnamon Sticks.  It includes everything one needs to feel like themselves again.


  • Egift Card: Easy, convenient, and sure to bring a smile to their face, an eGift card can be purchased and used at a large variety of retailers. Send it quickly via text or email; your under-the-weather friend will be able to enjoy using it immediately for whatever they want. It’s super safe, too, and balances are easily tracked online.


  • Get Well Fortune Cookies: If laughter is indeed, the best medicine, than these get well fortune cookies are bound to mend them straight away. Included are 9 fortune cookies that are not only delicious but secretly house some funny, some meaningful get well messages. Delivered in what resembles a red medic box, they’ll enjoy munching on these vanilla cookies while reading the encouraging messages sent directly from you.


  • Chocolate Covered Pretzels Gift Box: Goodbye feeling crappy, hello deliciousness. The Hazel & Crème gourmet gift box comes with three flavors of chocolate covered pretzels, presented in a gorgeous black get well soon sentiments box. Featuring an amazing blend of flavors, the pretzels are not only delectable; they are a treat for the eyes as well.


  • Get Well Soon Book Combination: Help them relax with a package that includes an inspirational coloring book (along with 24 colored pencils) and the Chicken Soup for the Soul Word Find Book that work two ways – they’re not only for puzzle solving but they also reveal inspirational sayings that are meant to touch their heart, and in some cases, their funny bone!


  • Nut Arrangement Platter: Is your sick friend crazy about nuts? The Get Well Soon Nut Arrangement Platter will definitely get them feeling better! Featuring seven kinds of nuts including honey glazed peanuts, pistachios, and cashews, each are separated in their own tray partitions and tied with a red ‘nut cravings’ ribbon and bow. 


  • Injury T-Shirt: If your friend is recuperating from an accident, this t-shirt will make them smile.  Available in a variety of colors, the shirt depicts a figure on crutches and below it reads: I do all my own stunts. A perfect wardrobe piece to bring out the silver lining in the situation and get their sense of humor simmering again.


  • Plush Triceratops: Children should not have the monopoly on plush animals. This curiously cute triceratops wears an orange sleeved, white shirt that reads “Get Well Soon.” His soft, cushy body is in shades of green and he sports three horns and pointy claws, but there’s nothing about him that is unlovable or un-squeezable.


  • Hug in a Jar Candle: What is the first thing you want to do when you hear that someone is feeling under the weather? Hug them, of course. It’s natural, human instinct. But, when that isn’t possible, the next best thing may be to send a hug in a jar. With 45-50 hours of burn time, this candle is lightly scented and 100% natural soy wax which means it burns clean.


  • Boredom Busters Basket: Being sick can be awfully boring at times, one can only watch so much Netflix! This gift basket comes with a variety of snacks including a granola bar, trail mix, and cookies, a puzzle collection, hand sanitizer wipes, a reusable water bottle, deck of cards, checkers, dominos and more. 


  • Heart Mug: While tea is great, it tastes even better when drinking it out of an elegant mug that has uplifting, encouraging, and loving words engraved on it. The perfect way to send your love and support, they’ll think of you every time they warm their hands around this turquoise cup.


Even though your friend might be down and out and under the weather, it doesn’t mean they don’t still need a little love! Send a thoughtful, funny gift their way to show them how much you care, and to speed their recovery.