Natural Home Remedies That Are Recommended for Treating Dogs

As a dog’s parent, it is your utmost responsibility to care for its health and happiness. Therefore, you have to be ready to spend money on buying the right food and treats, reliable pet health insurance, and taking your beloved pet regularly to the vet. Other times, though, your furry friend may have minor illnesses that won’t require spending as much money and time. There are several natural home treatments you can use to make your pet well again in these cases.

These home remedies are organic and natural materials from some household items. They serve as a first-aid to certain illnesses or the main treatment to some. They do not treat serious health complications that need urgent care so do not substitute it for good quality healthcare.

There are several home remedies that work for different minor illnesses. Knowing them will help you understand how to treat these illnesses early thereby saving you money and time. If you need some helpful tips on these, check out Holistapet home remedies for more information.

Now, let’s discuss some common minor issues your dog might experience and the helpful home remedies that can work.

Common Illnesses that Your Dog May Experience

The following are some common issues your pet might face:

Dry, Itchy Skin

This is quite common among dogs. It can cause excessive scratching due to the itchy skin. This is a result of low sebum oil in the skin. It leads to scabies, skin flaking, hair loss, and dandruff.


If your pet is hyperactive and loves outdoor activities a lot, it might be prone to flea infestation. This can cause flaking, itching, and dark spotting on the dog’s fur.

Upset Stomach

This is very common among animals, including dogs. It is mostly caused by eating wrong or contaminated foods. Other causes include digestive system imbalance or food allergies. Diarrhea and vomiting are symptoms of this illness.

Hair Loss

Parasites, allergies, stress, and infections are major causes of hair loss in dogs. Other times, this can be a symptom of a serious health problem that needs urgent care. So if after offering a remedy and the hair doesn’t grow back, make sure to take your pup to the vet. For other illnesses that could cause hair loss, you can check here:


Obesity happens when a pet overeats and doesn’t carry out regular exercise. This issue is common and can lead to serious illnesses like joint pain and heart disease. Home remedy treatment like a balanced nutritional diet and consistent exercise routine can reduce obesity.

Effective Home Remedies for Dogs

Here are some remedies to follow:

The Right Diet

Necessary nutrients like vitamins, omega 6, and omega 3 fatty acids are essential for keeping your dog’s fur healthy and moisturized. You can add coconut oil, fish oil, and vitamin E to your animal’s food to improve their skin health. Other foods like avocado, eggs, and spinach can also help.

Use a Humidifier

Your pet might have itchy skin and hair loss due to the low levels of humidity in your house. Having a humidifier adds extra moisture to the atmosphere. If you do not have this, place a pan or bowl of water next to a lantern in the area where your pup sleeps.

Avoid Foods that Your Pet is Allergic to

If your pet has shown allergies to a particular food, ensure that you stop giving it. Give your pup hypoallergenic foods that are gluten or wheat-free. This will reduce frequent cases of vomiting, upset stomach, and hair loss.

Proper Grooming

grooming of dogs

You must regularly groom your pet. Use certain household items when doing so. Some of these items include:


A comb or brush is a vital tool for pet parents. You can use the teeth of a flea comb to remove the eggs of fleas from your pets’ skin. Make sure that you wash the comb each time you brush out some fleas.

Animal-friendly Conditioner

You can use animal-friendly conditioners to keep your pets’ skin fresh and moisturized after bathing. Ensure to dry off your furry friend before applying this to avoid skin irritation. You can blow dry the fur after applying the conditioner for even spread of skin oils.

Oatmeal Bath

This is a popular home remedy that helps to treat several skin problems. You can run a bath for your furry friend, and add blended oatmeal to it. Let your pet sit in the oatmeal bath for about 15 minutes. Oatmeal has antioxidants that remove dandruff from the fur and balance natural sebum oil.

Lemon Spray

You can make a lemon spray that you can apply on your dog’s fur sometimes. To make this, you need to squeeze some lemons into a spray bottle and mix with little water. You might decide to add your pets’ shampoo if you want to. You can watch this video if you need a detailed visual guide on how to go about the process.

Give Your Pet Plenty Fluids

When your pup takes little water in a day, it could have constipation; giving it plenty of fluids through water or wet foods works perfectly. It will boost your pets’ hydration and it will feel refreshed all day long.

A High-Fiber Diet

By including foods with high fiber in your dog’s diet, you reduce cases of upset stomach. Certain high-fiber foods include:

  • Grains
  • Ginger
  • Beet pulp
  • Pumpkin
  • Beef or chicken broth


Home remedies should never replace going to the vet for regular checkups. However, they provide an excellent way to reduce some minor and major illnesses. Visiting the vet is quite expensive but with these remedies, you save money and time.